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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


Martin hadn’t known that. Why hadn’t he known that? The Hufflepuff followed all the goings-on of the school quidditch teams religiously. How could he not know Jim was playing a different position this year? “Oh, really? What are you playing this year, then?” Mentally Martin went through all the ways he could possibly help. If Jim was a seeker this year Martin would be the most helpful, obviously, though he had a slight moral compunction against helping.

"Keeper," Jim said with a shrug. He didn’t want to tell Martin he’d literally given his position up for someone in particular to take. He might’ve gone for something like seeker or chaser but at the time Keeper was what was left, and he supposed there wasn’t much to it? "Certainly not as active or engaging as beater but thought to give it a try." Jim looked to Martin with a small smile. "Maybe you can help me though. I know you don’t exactly deal with keepers at all but I trust you to know how to play all the positions pretty well."

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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


All Martin was focused on was the future of today. He would go flying with Jim. It was a combination of two of his favorite things, and that alone was improving his mood. He adored Jim, and flying was his life. There was no way he could remain upset once they got up in the air. The redhead tried to keep that in mind as he followed Jim out, forcing his head high and diligently not looking anyone in the eye. He didn’t have to prove anything to any of them. “It’s been a really long time since we flew together. I’ve missed it.”

"It has been," Jim glanced off in thought, "honestly it feels like forever. I still remembered when you showed me how to play quidditch." He laughed slightly, "I wouldn’t have gotten on the team without you. Maybe you can help me a bit today, I switched positions for this season, and i’m not all that practiced in it yet." He sent Martin a smile as they started up and in the direction of the pitch. 

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Pet Cemetery || Jim and Erik


Erik side eyed Jim, already guessing that the other wasn’t intending to do this, who would? He created a monster and that wasn’t even the half of it he was sure. No one just “accidentally” fabricated a monster and he could only imagine what else this student had accomplished through their practices. 

Erik just hummed to Jim’s words, finding it hard t believe how far off the other’s goal was. Immobilize? This was the complete opposite and then some. Still, on purpose or not, it was impressive. 

"A bit has got to be an understatement…," Erik stepped back with raised brows, keeping his eyes on the creature. "Oh dear." Erik hummed as it began to grow, what on earth did this guy do to it? He’d have to ask about it later once they fixed this problem. "What do you suppose we do?" In all honesty Erik could of just left this to fix itself but he wasn’t that opposed to helping another student, especially one with such talent. 

"Well," Jim said with a sigh as he watched the creature grow. It became more ferocious and threatening looking with each passing second, claws growing, teeth protruding sharply, over all just becoming a rather nasty sight to see.

"I should probably kill it, so it doesn’t go out and kill anyone, god knows what would happen, I might have an undead army to deal with." Jim brought out his wand and with a flick of his wrist a spell shot forward, severing off the creatures arm. 

It yowled in pain but rather then it being slowed it kept on, an army of flesh and bone starting to regrow from the creature, the arm that’d been cut starting to crawl towards them, something starting to form from it.

"Alright so that’s a no," Jim said simply. 

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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


This was humiliating. The people staring at them were Jim’s housemates. They knew - they had to know. It was impossible for two people in the same house to hide they were sleeping together. All of them had known much earlier than Martin had, and what were they thinking of him now, as they watched Jim lead him to his room by the hand?

The Hufflepuff looked down at his feet and let himself be led. Once they were alone he let out a breath and looked up as Jim retrieved his broom. Things would be better, he tried to remind himself. He was going to go flying with Jim, and maybe when he was up in the air he could forget all the horrible things going on and just be with the boy he loved. “All ready to go?” he asked, trying to act chipper.

"Yes," Jim said as he stood, slinging his broom over his shoulder. He tried to return the chipper attitude Martin was giving him, even if he had an inkling feeling it was false regardless. He moved towards the door, kissing Martin in passing and giving him a smile before he started out of the dorm then.

"Let’s go then Martin, the skies await," he declared, the few in the door against sending them looks, Jim this time narrowing his eyes in reply as he started down the stairs, glancing behind to make sure Martin was following.

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Very Experimental Partners || Irene and Jim


In that short moment that Jim pulled away from the kiss, Irene watched him a bit confused. She started to ask if he was alright when he kissed her again. Irene grinned a little into the kiss. Jim had sunk in without much trouble. Though that was good on her part, she was curious as to why.Jim had a boyfriend, so he had to be use with the easiness of physical contact. Maybe she was just thinking to much into it. Pushing away her thoughts, Irene focused back on Jim, using one of her hands to tug on his hair as their kiss deepened. 

Jim was a bit surprised with himself when he moaned slightly at the tug to his hair. He kept his arms around her but looked obviously shocked before simply kissing on, even pulling back to kiss down her neck, doing what he’d usually do in nipping at it slightly as well. Girls liked this sort of stuff too, right? 

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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


Jim was lying again, and it was getting easier to tell. Martin had more questions fueled by his morbid curiosity. But the Slytherin was uncomfortable, so he let the subject drop. Martin was uncomfortable too. He didn’t like to imagine anyone else touching his Jim. The younger boy’s housemate wasn’t good enough for him. Martin felt the urge to lash out violently, but Jim’s other man wasn’t here. Instead he nodded and looked down again, watching their feet as they walked. They’d made it to the dorm now, so hopefully they could simply retrieve Jim’s broom and leave. 

Jim wanted to give a sigh of relief when they finally reached his dorm. He said the password and stepped inside. He tried to be as nonchalant as possible as he glanced the place over, thankful Sebastian wasn’t to be seen. It’d make this easier. He started to tug Martin towards his room, getting a few raised brows from the students who were around, but no one said anything. In his room he released Martin’s hand to kneel beside his bed and rifle around for his broom. 

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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


In a way the kiss felt like a good bye. Jim had promised he wouldn’t leave him, but really what else would happen? The Slytherin would go back and forth between Martin and his other lover forever and things would be just dandy? It hurt immeasurably to think about, and Martin clung to Jim like a dying man clinging to the last few precious moments of life. Then the kiss was over and, with more reluctance than anyone could realize, Martin uncurled his fingers from the other boy’s shirt.

"I trust you, Jim," he said quietly as he took the younger boy’s hand again. They needed to keep walking, there had already been a few curious glances shot their way by passing students in the hall. There was so little privacy at Hogwarts. Martin thought fondly to the quiet room no one else knew about where wonderful hours had been spent. Martin hadn’t been there in a long time. There was a very protracted pause, almost as if they’d make the whole trip in silence, before Martin asked, "Do you take him to our secret room? Or did you just go back to his."

He probably didn’t actually trust him, but he simply smiled at Martin all the same. What with the glances they were being sent their way Jim cleared his throat and started them off again. His dorm wasn’t too far off now, thankfully.

He would’ve been just fine with getting that and get on with it but the mention of the secret room had him faltering slightly. “No,” Jim said simply, almost offended sounding, even if it was exactly what he did. Hell. He and Sebastian spent a lot of nights there rather then being in their respective dorms. 

"I go to his sometimes. He’s in Slytherin as well, so it’s not a long trek. Sometimes it’s easier to just go back to my room." Jim gave a weak shrug as he glanced over his shoulder at Martin briefly before shifting his gaze ahead again as he started down the last set of steps to the dungeons and then moved towards the entrance to the Slytherin common room. 

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Bang Bang || Jim & Sebastian


As Jim spoke Sebastian couldn’t help but to stupidly return a smile. It was disgusting but Jim had that effect on him. “Oh is it? Can’t argue with that since I’d have to agree.” Once Jim stated that there were more opportunities in the future Sebastian’s smile turned quickly into a frown. He trusted Jim but, whoever Jim was working with, how could he trust them exactly? Especially if they haven’t even told Jim everything but convinced him to do something as big as this? The world was full of double crossers and users, how was this said person any different. 

"I see." He stated dryly, sighing a bit as he kept his eyes on the younger Slytherin. "Well, you know I’d follow you anywhere so…" He would do whatever Jim asked him to do but he still had a bad feeling about this. If Jim knew everything that was going on he would of been more at ease, would of happily waited till Jim thought it appropriate to spill the details, but that wasn’t the case entirely. 

He couldn’t help but to pull the other in close as he looked over him, giving half a smile before looking back to the smoke. There were still hollers of pain and confusion. Many people were scared it seemed. “I trust you,” he looked back to Jim, giving a weak smile. “I don’t trust whoever else is doing this though.”

"I know you would." It was one of the reasons why he lo-liked Sebastian so much. That kind of blind loyalty was hard to come by, especially considering the sort of things he did. He could tell Sebastian wasn’t at all keen about this arrangement, them following-to Sebastian-an unknown benefactor, but it was the benefactor in question that mostly kept his mouth shut.

Pulled close he looked up to Sebastian, arms automatically coming to wind around the other. While Sebastian looked away Jim kept his eyes where they were, that being on Sebastian.

"Well, can’t say I completely do either, but so long as we do what’s asked he’s never known himself to go against someone." Granted he’d been taught a lesson for double crossing the same person, but he pushed that thought aside.

"Just trust me, i’ll trust you, and whatever happens we’ll get through it."

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Bang Bang || Jim & Sebastian


"Is this an appropriate time to be flirting with me Jim? You seriously seem to be chatting me up." He grinned at the other, finding his proud expression to be rather adorable. "And dull story or not I wish you sorta kept me in the loop…can’t do anything about it now though."

He looked back over to the rising smoke, biting his lip as he wondered what the aftermath looked like. “Figured you killed anyone? I’m sure some people will be walking or,…dragging themselves away quite scuffed up, yeah?”He could see it quite clearly in his head, grinning even bigger at the thought. All of those pricks deserved it, he didn’t care much about anyone at the school other than Jim. Meg was an after thought but he figured if Jim cared enough he would of told her to not go.

"What are you planning on doing now? Is this the end or just the beginning…I mean I had no idea you were gonna do this so,…I would kinda like to know if there was gonna be more." He would follow Jim anywhere, that was a fact, but he still would like to know what they were doing. Being left in the dark wasn’t the ideal relationship for Sebastian. 

"It’s always an appropriate time to be flirting with you, Sebastian," Jim said with a smirk.  Admittedly, it fell away a bit as Sebastian mention being kept in the loop. "Now, you really can’t. But I wouldn’t worry, there will be more opportunities in the future."

Jim followed his gaze to the smoke. “Perhaps, who can really say. Injuries certainly. With the amount of bombs on the field it’d be hard to imagine most getting out unscathed.” Putting so many had been literally meant to reduce the amount of exits for anyone at the game. 

"I can’t tell you everything right now," Jim said, eyes back to Sebastian. "Not because I wish to keep it from you, I simply don’t know all of it myself, at least as of yet, but this is by no means an end though. In fact I see a bit of a long and deadly trek before us." 

He stepped closer to Sebastian, attention fully on him. “I just need you to trust me in this.” 

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Bang Bang || Jim & Sebastian


Sebastian didn’t go to every single Quidditch game but he was planning on making the first one. To his surprise he was kept from going which caused him to grow suspicious. Why did it matter if he went? If Jim wasn’t there to do anything wrong then why would it be dangerous?

"Hm, I’m still surprised you’re on the team really…" Sebastian chuckled a bit, looking to Jim. He really was looking forward to playing with Jim now, eve though he still had doubts about staying the whole school year. "Best game of the year hu-" Sebastian’s gaze shot towards the noise, being interrupted and surprised a bit. "What…the fuck."

Looking at the explosions he couldn’t tear his gaze away until they were over and screams had filled the air. “Did you- how did you do that?” He looked to the other, not necessarily upset but still a bit shaken. He wasn’t expecting this at all but it did give him sort of a rush to know Jim was behind all of that. “Wow, that’s amazing. You’re amazing, Love.” 

If he had went, who knew what would of happened? He figured Jim wouldn’t have allowed that though, not in the least bit. “If I tried to go I feel like you would of paralyzed me or something…knowing you.”

A grin split across his face, shoulders coming back and chin in the air, pleased with himself. The fact that he’d indeed surprised Sebastian only made him happier. The only one’s who’d know exactly what was to occur were him and about two others, one, unknowingly. A handful knew not to go but the exact going ons of the game? Well. That was for the three of them.

The praise was perhaps a little unexpected and had him smiling easier at Sebastian, unable to help looking proud of himself, ego certainly being stroked thoroughly. “I did indeed, and how, well, that’s a rather dull story full of not too interesting planning, so, we’ll leave it at that.”

He crossed his arms and turned towards Sebastian, the screams and not unmistakable smell of fire wafting in from the pitch. “Probably yes. You would never have gotten close to the game, not on my watch. Strangely enough I like you better alive and next to me then any other option.” 

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