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It’s A Little Bit Wibbly, This Feeling Inside | Jim & Sherlock



A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as the Slytherin began to get dressed. As much as the thought made his skin crawl, John would have to play along with whatever this what he was witnessing in order to get to the bottom of it. “Sherlock,” John purred as he stepped close to the Ravenclaw, “Luv, how about you be my good boy and put your clothes back on, hmm? If you’re really good, I’ll reward you later.” The words pouring out of his mouth were threatening to make him sick but John thought he did a pretty good job of laying it on thick for his altered Sherlock. After all, it’s not like he was using any of his super deductive powers while he was inebriated and in this state.

Sherlock was in some sort of fog. His mind was hazed over with lust and affection, so much so that he didn’t react immediately as John spoke. The Ravenclaw had been absorbed in watching Jim redress, which was a bit of a disappointment really. Then John was talking, and Sherlock licked his lips at the promise of reward and leaned over to kiss John hungrily. “M’kay,” he agreed. If getting dressed now meant getting undressed quicker then Sherlock was all for it.

His fingers worked nimbly and quickly to cover himself up, but all too soon Sherlock was distracted again by the Slytherin on his side. There was a bubbling, tingling, buzzing sensation in his chest and Sherlock couldn’t keep his hands to himself. The effort of making himself presentable was abandoned in favor of smearing his lips against Jim’s neck again with a groan.

Jim could hear the tone of John’s voice, and while he’d agreed to share for Sherlock’s sake, John seemed enthralled with Sherlock at the moment. He sneered at the words, dressed enough to leave if need be, not that he would without Sherlock.

The lips at his neck had him a pleased hum escaping him, Sherlock’s name breathed out and fingers tangling into his curls. His tilted his head to expose more neck to the other and pulled him in close, rocking against him. 

Any sort of anger about John fizzled out into nothing as he savored the contact. Why did they need to leave again? Here was suitable enough. 

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BOTHERED || Jim & Mycroft


Mycroft frowned when Jim moved and he shot one hand immediately to his wand, ready to defend himself should it be necessary. Yet, when the other merely produced a vial, he tilted his head, gazing at it. “To know whether it would be a fair trade, I first should know what exactly you intend on giving me.” He snarled and then, moved a little further forward.

"What is in there, Mister Moriarty? What do you want to give me for the information - and proof - that you write a diary?" He asked and raised an eyebrow, lowering the book. 

He tried to deduce what Jim held in hands but he was not sure. The information given was not enough to actually tell and it made him clench his jaw lightly. “And furthermore, I want to know about its origins. I am not entirely sure whether I want something stolen.”

Jim scoffed. “I know you take me for an insolent child, Mycroft, but I brew my own potions, thanks. No one around has anything really worth stealing anyway. ” He pulled the vial closer for him to view.

Mycroft kept saying ‘proof that I write a diary’ like it was the holy grail of dirt on him. He had plenty more to hide, and it wasn’t on that page in that journal. 

"Complete control over has been made a unforgivable. But it’s incredibly useful to get your way. This, is a liquid imperius curse. Untraceable, lasts a few hours up to numerous weeks depending on the amount given, and best of all once it fades the memory of being controlled at all is whipped clean from the one that’s been dosed." 

He smiled at the other, holding it out to Mycroft. 

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Miss Murder || Jim & Mary




Mary stood there in shock. She was surprised with how gentile the man had been - and the thestral to put up a bit more of a fight, but he was surprisingly calm. Maybe this wasn’t as bad as she thought. “What’s next?” She asked, flashing a little grin.

"Next is a little more fun." He pocketed his samples and grinned in reply to her own. "Sadly it is not something we can do out in the open. You’re free to join me or not, the choice is of course yours." He shrugged slightly before holding out a hand to the girl, already making a move to walk off.

Mary hesitated. She barely knew then man, and certainly had no idea what he was capable of, but she needed this. After all, her friends were always telling her to let her hair down, so what the heck. Mary reached out and took the mans hand, flashing him a bright and eager smile. She wouldn’t miss this for the world.

"Smart girl," Jim said, starting to guide them towards the castle with a smirk on his face. Well, this should be fun. He always enjoyed new testers, and though Sebastian clung to him to an irritating degree he did enjoy showing people his work, if they’d appreciate it. He made quick to the castle and headed for one of the underused areas of the place.

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What Does The [-Insert Animal Here-] Say? || Open


Merlin waited patiently for Jim to finish writing. His eyes focused on the shaking quill and the quiet scratching until Jim finished and turned it around for Merlin to read. He leaned forward and narrowed his eyes at the letters on the page.

Cursed animal skull.” He read aloud then frowned. He straightened up again. “Where’d you come across that? And why even mess with it?” Quickly, Merlin realized that Jim probably didn’t know the skull was cursed but still.

He paused. “Did Madame Pomfrey give you anything to help with it or are you just going to have to wait it out?”

Jim started jotting things down again after the round of questions. It was quicker, thus not so neat. ‘Was around the school, and I needed it for a spell.’ He finished and held it out to Merlin to read quickly.

He pulled it back to write again. ‘Wait it out.’ He simply jotted down and while he meant to sigh in frustration was came out was the screech of a bald eagle, the sound echoing and making him wince. 

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You’ve Out Wibbled Yourself || Martin & Jim


Martin sat down beside Jim at the table, feeling a bit awkward about his mother’s reaction. She’d said yes, as he knew she would, but no doubt there would have to be a long conversation about this later. A long, awkward conversation.

"No no no," Wendy waved the boys off, "I’m almost done. Would you like sausages, Jim?" A bowl of warm scrambled eggs floated onto the table, the ladle turning itself towards Martin who began filling his plate with a quiet "Thanks, Mum."

Already on the table was a bottle of apple juice, which Martin readily poured himself a glass from. He gestured to Jim’s glass in a silent inquiry if the other boy would like some as well. “Is there any toast, Mum?”

"Oh, uhm, yes, please," Jim glanced briefly towards Martin as he filled his plate. Perhaps staying was not good. Not that he expected Martin’s mother to kill him in his sleep, but over staying his welcome wouldn’t do him any favors.

For now he gave the other a smile and a light nod to the apple juice, ladling some eggs onto his own plate since Martin was done. He drifted into silence, trying to be on his best behavior. 

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever heard any outstanding rumors about yourself?

Yes, and generally my reaction is always:

Anonymous asked: Do you live by any motto or philosophy?

Anonymous asked: Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

I don’t know. I like where fashion is lately. Granted I wish more people bothered to keep to it but, hey. We all can’t afford Westwood.

Anonymous asked: Is there someone you will never forget?

I rarely forgive. At the moment I can think of a certain red head however, and her owner.

Anonymous asked: Can you commit to one person?