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The Thieving Magpie || Sally and Jim


Sally nodded, something she felt looked slightly odd and out of place as a bird but it was probably a small detail that only she would pick up on. It wasn’t even as if the girls below were paying attention to the two of them, but they would be in a moment. 

"Ready," she confirmed, turning to prepare for the countdown before furiously beating her wings, flying right into the path of the girls. What first caught her eye was the glimmer of an earring in the sun. Sally went straight for it, pulling at it with her small beak and yanking it from her ear with ease as the girl was in such a state of terror that she couldn’t gather herself enough to fight her off.

The girl’s dazed state kept her from hitting Sally hard enough to knock her away, inspiring her to go for her watch as well. It looked grotty and old but she wasn’t even sure she was going to get three items and so went for it anyway. The girl was finally trying to bat her away but Sally had already gotten her feet around the watch and was pulling it from her wrist, watching the velcro strap be ripped apart. Though this was not at all what Sally had expected to be doing with her day - or any day for that matter - even she had to admit that she was enjoying herself.

He’d attempted to go for earrings, but ears were difficult and he had more of a chance of just ripping her lobe off rather then getting the earrings considering how much the girl was moving about. So instead he went for a large barrette that shined nicely. He didn’t know if the jewels were real but.

Jim swung the necklace he already had around him so he could keep hold of the barrette in on his claws. He wanted to go for two more things. He had to at least do that. In the process of ripping a bracelet from a girl’s wrist she came around to swat at him hard enough to send him flopping to the ground-granted with bracelet in beak but still-she moved to do who knew what, grab him possibly, kill him also possibly with her wand that she was now pulling out.

He flapped and squawked and eventually got himself off the ground and into the air, back towards the tree, hopefully Sally would be following or already there.

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Mind Over Matter || Tony and Jim


Tony’s eyes went straight to Jim, “What? You really think so? I’ve been taking stuff for the pain but…I was worried it interfere with some other stuff and I’m at loss of what to do so I just…I don’t know.” He had some stuff to help with the pain but his arc reactor was the main issue, getting it to work, function properly. He needed more time to work on it, really he shouldn’t have came back. It was fine at home but once he got here, and he didn’t even have the recourses to fix it up easily. “Listen, I think I do need help but- you have to keep a secret Jim, it’s important.” 

Jim listened patiently. He was aware Tony was doing what he could to fix the thing currently in his chest, or at least keep it under control. He was somewhat surprised he’d come to school, it wasn’t like he needed the schooling honestly, he had a job waiting for him outside school after all. But he couldn’t say he minded him here, at all. “Of course Tony.” Jim then said with a confirming nod. “Just let me help.” 

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Very Experimental Partners || Irene and Jim


"With pleasure," Irene grinned. She wasn’t sure what Jim thought she in mind and didn’t care. He basically gave her free reign and that’s all she needed. Without hesitation, Irene pulled him into a kiss. Irene somewhat knew what kind of guy Jim was and what he liked. She kissed him hard and passionately. There was a point she had  to prove and she was  now doing it in one of her favorite ways.

Jim couldn’t help his eyes going slightly wide as she kissed him. It was the first time he’d ever kissed a girl and it left him somewhat dumbfounded. She kissed him hard, rough, kisses Sebastian was the one to usually give him, but she was all around softer, the action even more passionate and demanding with that in mind. It took him a moment to react, pulling back to stare at her a moment, before leaning in to simply kiss her again. He’d never done this. It was different, certainly. He wasn’t sure if kissing guys was any better then kissing girls, but he certainly wanted to find out.

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Miss Murder || Jim & Mary



Jim grinned brightly. He hadn’t expected her to go. He could see it in her face how much she wanted to be here. He moved back to his work table and then gestured her closer. “I need someone to help test this with me.” He said as if it was nothing, taking out two small trays and pouring a small amount of thestral blood into each. 

Taking out another vial from under the desk he poured a drop of the liquid into each tray, the blood going dark before returning to its natural color. Then he held his hand out to Mary, asking for her hand.

Mary gasped a little as she saw the boy take out the trays and pour blood into them. She guess it must have been a thestral’s blood for before but she chose not to say anything and carried on watching him with interest.

Mary watched the tray as the blood changed colour, then went back to its original colour. “Wow.” she mouthed quietly, under her breath. She looked over at Jim to see his hand out, which she gave, unsure of what he was going to do but did it without hesitation. 

Jim tugged her close by the hand she offered to him. He gave her a smile before picking up a small knife and nicking her finger, holding it over one of the trays until a good few drops had plopped in.  Only then did he take the knife and cut his own finger and bled into the second tray.

The two bloods and potion seemed to have some form of reaction, color’s shifting and changing, Jim in the meantime taking Mary’s hand again to heal the cut he’d made. “I want to see if direct contact is what it will take for invisibility to occur,” he stated simply, turning his attention back to the trays.

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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


"What could make this better?" Martin asked, his eyes a mixture of sad and hopeful and still utterly worshipful of Jim. He just wanted it all to go away right now. Martin wanted to sleep. He wanted Jim to say that it was him, only ever him, that no one else could compare. He wanted the two of them to curl up together in the dark and quiet and he wanted Jim to let Martin wrap his arms around him so that the redhead would know he was there. But things were never that easy.

"I want you to be happy," the quiet statement followed the question before, said with utter sincerity and almost drowned out by the other students walking up and down the hall. Martin needed Jim to be happy. Martin needed Jim. If whatever Jim was offering didn’t bring about the joy Martin so desperately tried to provide him, then he wasn’t going to take it. "That’s all I’ve ever wanted," he breathed. Bright blue eyes, rimmed red from weariness of both the body and the soul seemed to plead with Jim for answers.

Jim would be happy if he could have everything he wanted without having to receive the emotional consequences of it. If he could have Sebastian and Martin for the fuck of it, if he could. But the simply fact was Sebastian was pissed and possessive and wanted him for himself, and Martin was-while not feeling it completely towards him due to the potion-unhappy and he knew upset with what he’d just asked of him.

"You happier would make me happy. I’ll make it better Martin," he smiled gently before leaning in to kiss Martin, fully and completely. They were still heading to his room for his broom and there were a few potions he had on hand there, none he thought he’d be using so soon, but, after Sebastian had told him to break up with Martin, well. He said nothing more, instead starting back towards his room. 

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How to be a Heartbreaker || Jim and Martin


Suddenly, perhaps irrationally, Martin felt angry. He was just so frustrated and upset with the situation. The anger wasn’t directed at Jim, never at Jim, but it was still there. The redhead closed his eyes tightly and felt his whole body tense up with it. “I want to be with you,” he said firmly, “I always want to be with you. Even when you do something awful- I still want to be with you.” His heart hurt, and his head hurt, and Martin felt his eyes stinging with the possibility of tears. “I can’t make myself be mad at you and I can’t seem to make you happy and I can’t- I-I can’t just leave you-”

All at once, Martin realized that while he’d been in love for years, he hadn’t been happy in a very long time. “I’m just tired, Jim.”

How long had he been doing this. Years now. Off and on, but years. Years that he’d gripped Martin tight with no plans of letting go. It’d gone from a possibly mutual relationship to a cover and now this. Against Martin’s will, and why? He couldn’t say it was a cover anymore, it was beyond that. It was obvious he wasn’t a good guy anymore, despite what Martin told people, so why? Because perhaps he slightly cared for the hufflepuff. Who that first meeting hadn’t judged him any, and hadn’t any time after, had never thought ill will of Jim as they started dating and perhaps Martin might’ve made a difference on what kind of person Jim would be come if things hadn’t went to shit.

Maybe…maybe it was time to stop. Maybe this had gone on long enough and it was time to let Martin be angry and hurt and all else he would be towards him. That even now wanted to be towards him, but couldn’t.

He turned to Martin and gently cupped his face, looking to him. “If I said I had something that would make you feel better, would you want it?” He questioned. Better wouldn’t be the word he used for this, but, he didn’t know what else to say.

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Miss Murder || Jim & Mary


Mary quickly reacted as Jim moved his hand by her face by pulling away. The boy was obviously right but Mary was never going to admit that, she was just as stubborn as she was subconsciously looking for danger. She was drawn to trouble, it was in her blood - literally! 

Molly stayed put when Jim gestured towards the door. There was no way she was leaving after coming this far, she was drawn to the older boy, and found him fascinating. She also wanted to be part of the experiment, she knew she would regret it if she left. “What do you want me to do?” She asked, showing she had made her decision. 

Jim grinned brightly. He hadn’t expected her to go. He could see it in her face how much she wanted to be here. He moved back to his work table and then gestured her closer. “I need someone to help test this with me.” He said as if it was nothing, taking out two small trays and pouring a small amount of thestral blood into each. 

Taking out another vial from under the desk he poured a drop of the liquid into each tray, the blood going dark before returning to its natural color. Then he held his hand out to Mary, asking for her hand.

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Very Experimental Partners || Irene and Jim


"I see," Irene spoke, giving a biting smile. "How would you have me prove them? Because I can tell you now, I’m a nothing is off limits type of girl. It might amaze you at how far I would go." She gave him a wink, before wrapping one of her arms around his neck. "Well Mr.Moriarty, what is it going to be?"

Jim couldn’t help lifting a brow at her suggestion as her arms came about him. He was partially want to simply ease her away and ask something simple, but what he believed she was offering wasn’t usual, at least for him. He eyeing her a moment before simply saying. “Show me how far you’d go, Ms.Adler, and maybe then I’ll  bring you in.” He waited then for her to act, to go as far as she claimed to be able to.

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Dirty Dancing || Seb and Jim


Sebastian followed obediently, excited to continue what they have started. They should of honestly thought of this first but it was hard at time for them to think ahead in these situations. As he was yanked inside he only took a brief moment to look over the blood on the floor. He figured someone just got into a tussle, or just got the shit beat out of them. 

"Alright, let’s continue…" Sebastian grinned as he grabbed Jim and pulled him close, roughly kissing before he started to yank off the other’s clothes. 

Jim couldn’t help the bit of laughter that escaped him. He might’ve called it a giggle if he didn’t want to sound like a damned idiot. He hummed and kissed Sebastian just as rough, clawing at his clothes while trying to slip out of his own as Sebastian started to yank them off. 

"How do you want to take me, ‘Bastian," he purred, eyes lidded and obviously ready. "I want you so badly please, just do it," he almost whined, tossing his shirt off and going for his pants without any hesitation. 

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Pet Cemetery || Jim and Erik


Erik tilted his head slightly to the other’s words, furrowing his brows a bit as he watched. “I see…” Did this student really harm this animal? Was it his pet or was it another students? What a strange thing to do though maybe he had a justifiable reason?

As the student paused Erik froze, watching in confusion as the animal began to change in appearance. As the fur began to fall off Erik cringed. What in the world was going on? “Uhm…” he spoke up before being interrupted by the animal’s disturbing sound. “What did you do…exactly?” Erik asked, taking a step back, he had a bad feeling about this and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be involved.

Jim hummed in thought. “Not what I had intended to do, I can tell you that much,” he said with a laugh. A groaning snarl came from the creature as it slowly began to unfurl from the floor. “The potion was meant to immobilize. Not kill. Nor kill and bring back.” 

The animal at one point could’ve been called a cat, but rather, it was some form of beast. It fixed its dead gaze on Jim before its head rolled and looked to Erik. Jim started to take cautious steps back as he laughed. “I fear i’ve been playing at god a bit too much lately.”

The creature started to step forward, with each movements its bones cricked and cracked, the rebirth doing more then that, as the animal began to grow.

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